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The Planet Choir Recorder is an upgrade of VCR and allows for multiple choir codes.

As before, you manage everything using our web interface (not the same one as VCR). 

In order to use this app, you first need to be activated as a director. You can do that by contacting us (below). We just need an email address and name to activate you. There is no cost involved in this part of course!

Once activated, you will be able to set up one (or more) choirs and upload songs. Once your members are activated, they will then see all the songs you have uploaded. Your members can be activated before they download the app so that they see everything they need to see soon after they register on the app. 

There is a charge of £1 per month for each choir member. So if you have 20 members, then it would be £20 per month.

All the details of how to proceed with activating your choir will be given to you as soon as you need it. We can also talk to your by telephone to make sure you know exactly how everything works. It's all VERY simple but you do need a few pointers at the beginning.

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