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What is the Virtual Choir/Planet Choir Recorder?

Essentially, both apps achieve the same thing; but in different ways!

The easiest for choir members by far is the Planet Choir App. Choir members simply register and it works! There is nothing more to do other than press play/record and sing!

The Virtual Choir recorder is also simple but it contains a small subscription (about £1 per month). This can put off some choir members from using the app.


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Tel: +44-7860-923372

3 Alder Grove, Chapel En Le Frith, High Peak. SK23 9HG 

United Kingdom

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About Us

We have been running choirs for over 10 years so we know a thing or two about choirs! But the one thing we couldn't achieve is to get the choir to record themselves at home. It was simply too technical to ask most people to do. So it needed a solution! And Virtual Choir Recorder was the answer. 

So although our VCR and PLANET CHOIR App is new, we are not!

About Us
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